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55 Un-avoidable Model Questions from PSC Question Bank LDC Examinations

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55 Un-avoidable Valuable Model Questions from PSC Questions bank for LDC Examinations

Folowings are the repeatedly asking PSC Questions for LDC Examinations.So study them clearly.Following are the

notable kerala psc examinations questions.They are having some questions on current affairs also.Your success

depends how many model psc questions and answers are attending you!So success can be determind by yourself


  1. Nandigram in West Bengal is in the districts of
  2. Lottery was first started in
  3. The code name given to Indias first atomic explosion at Pokran in 1974 is
    Ans:Budhan Chirikkunnu
  4. G-15 the Economic Organisation of Developing countries was formed in the year
  5. The year in which Kerala Road Transport Corporation came into existence
  6. In which districts the headquarter of Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation situates
  7. The largest districts in Kerala
  8. India’s only Ayurvedic Mental Hospital is at
  9. The biggest dam in Kerala
  10. The thing which is known as ‘Yavanapriya’
  11. The biggest irrigation project in Kerala
  12. The scheme of ‘Laksham Veedu’ was launched by
    Ans:M.N Govindan Nair
  13. The most tragic event connected with Malabar rebellion
    Ans:Wagon Tragedy
  14. Which mountain range separates North India from Penisualar India
    Ans:The Vindhya Satpuara Range
  15. The boundary between India and China is known as
    Ans:Mc Mohan Line
  16. The state known as ‘Granary of India’
  17. Longest beach in India
    Ans:Mareena Beach
  18. Which state is known as ‘Jewel of India’
  19. Who resorted to guerilla technique of warfare in the revolt of 1857
    Ans:Tantio Topi
  20. The author book ‘Satyarthaprakash’
    Ans:Dayananda Saraswathy
  21. ‘Niladarpan’thedrama which exposes the miseries of Indigo cultivators of Bihar was written by
  22. ‘Give me blood ,in turn .I will give you Freedom’Whose words are these
    Ans:Subhash Chandra Bose
  23. ‘Panchaseel’ was signed in 1954 between India and
  24. The Indian writer who launched an e-novel in the internet in 2001
  25. In which year the Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe Act(Prevention of atrocities)came in existence

    Patiently study the following Typical Questions from PSC Question Bank

    Execute Correctness,Quickness    on psc examination question bank plays important role in rank making.
    Some employees are studying all psc exam questions thoroughly but the can’t write them properly ,making negative marks etc.

  26. The UN declaration of ‘Millenium Development Goals’for women empowerment and Gender equality was in the year
  27. National womens commission elected consecutively for the second time
    Ans:Girija Vyas
  28. Anne Marie Orler,the head of UN Police belongs to
  29. Kudumbasree was launched in the year
  30. Under the Right information act ,which officer in the Public Authority provides information
  31. The chair person of Kudumbasree (State Poverty Eradication Mission)
    Ans:Minister for Local Self Govt:
  32. A brave patriot Naga girl who spent her youthful years in Jail for 15 years in connection with our freedom struggle
    Ans:Rani Gaidilin
  33. The author of the book ‘Trikkottoor Peruma’
  34. The author of ‘Gods of Small things’
    Ans:Arundhathi Roy
  35. ‘Nandanar’ is the pen name of
  36. ‘Poverty and UnBritish Rule’ was written by
    Ans:Dada Bai Naoroji
  37. ‘Vandemataram’ the national song of India was taken from the novel
    Ans:Ananda Matt
  38. The metal used in storage cell is
  39. Barometre was invented by
  40. The disease ‘Scurvy’ is caused by the deficiency of
    Ans:Vitamin C

    Notable psc questions for kerala psc exam

    Decide the rank how carefully you study questions from psc question bank.In psc examinations questions

    randomly selecting from their psc question bank.So if you study number psc examination questions you will

    come to which and which type of questions including in psc question bank

  41. The ‘Space city ‘ of India
  42. The first Asian Woman go into space
    Ans:Kalpana Choula
  43. The acids finds in ants
  44. The energy star is produced by
    Ans:Thermo nuclear Reaction
  45. Which rights was described by B.R.Ambedkar as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the constitution
    Ans:Right to constitutional remedies
  46. Which amendments came to be called a mini constitution
  47. Who decide whether a particular bill is money bill or not
    Ans:Speaker of Lokh sabha
  48. Who won the Bharata Ratna award in 2008
    Ans:Bhimsen Joshy
  49. The first youth Olympics was held in
  50. The winner of 64th Santhosh Trophy Football
    Ans:West Bengal
  51. The Kerala ADGP who won the Presidents Police medal of 2010
    Ans:Vincent M Paul
  52. Saina Nehwal ,the winner of ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khelratna Puraskar’is a player of
  53. In which year Right information act came into force
  54. Hertha Muller ,the Nobel Prize (literature)winner of 2009 belongs to
  55. ‘Fields medal ‘associated with














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