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Kerala history Questions Appearing for Kerala Public Service Examinations

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Kerala History Questions Set-8

If you study the following details you will be a little more understand the history of Kerala.As a person live in Kerala hill will have minimum knowledge about the History of Kerala .It will also help you to score good marks in PSC Examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission.Differant Rajas ruled in the ancient times Kerala is decribed in the article.And their nicknames also described.Differant importany years in the History of kerala is also clearly specified.

  1. Who were the prime ministers of Dharma Raja
    Ans:Raja Kesava Dasan and Ayyappan Marthanda Pillai
  2. Which fort was built by Dharma raja to resist the invasion of Mysore Army
  3. The founder of Varkala town
    Ans:Ayyappan marthanda Pillai
  4. Which minister of Travancore divided the country into three revenue divisions namely Thekke mugham,Vadakke mugham and Padinjare mugham
    Ans:Ayyappan marthanda Pillai
  5. The first prime minister of the Travancore to hold the title Diwan
    Ans:Raja Kesavadas
  6. Who was known as Valiya Divanji in Travancore
    Ans:Raja Kesavadas
  7. The founder of Alappuzha fort
    Ans:Raja Kesava das
  8. The architect of Chala market in Trivandrum
    Ans:Raja Kesavadas
  9. Which British Governor General granted the title Rajato Diwan Kesavadas
    Ans:Lord Mornington
  10. Name the Travancore king who is the author of Balaramabharatham
  11. The capital of the Travancore shifted to Trivandrum from Padmanabhapuram during the reign of
  12. Which Europeans built the Dutch Palace in Mattancherry
    Ans:The Portuguese
  13. In which year was the Dutch Palace built
  14. For which king of Kochi was the Dutch Palace built
    Ans:Veera Kerala Varma
  15. Which King of Kochis court was decorated by Balakavi and Mazhamangalathu Narayanan
    Ans:Kesava Ramavarma
  16. Who was the author of Ramavarmavilasam
  17. Who was the author of the Malayalam Champus Rajaratnavaleeyam and Naushadam
    Ans:Mazhamangalathu Narayanan
  18. The Jews settled in Kochi and built the Jew street during the reign of
    Ans:Kesava ramavarma
  19. Who was the author of Veera Kerala Prasasthi
    Ans:Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
  20. The only female ruler of Kochi dynasty
    Ans:Rani gangadhara Lakhshmi
  21. Which was the time of Rani Gangadhara Lakshmis rule
  22. Which Kochi king was popularly known as Shakthan Thampuran
    Ans:Rama Varma
  23. In which year was the coronation of Shaktan Thampuran
  24. The administrative units equivalent to today,s taluks during the rule of Shakthan Thampuran
    Ans:Kovilakathum Vathukkal
  25. The Kochi king who started the famous Thrissur Pooram
    Ans:Shakthan Thampuran
  26. In which year Hyder Ali attacked the Malabar
  27. In which year the English conquered Mayyazhi
  28. The founder of Feroke city
    Ans:Tipu Sulthan
  29. Tipu Sulthan shifted the capital of Malabar to
  30. Feroke is the banks of river
    Ans:Bepore Puzha

    PSC EXAMINATION asking Kerala History Questions

    Certain percentage of questions Kerala PSC Examinations are appearing from this history sections .That may Indian history and Kerala History and world history .Thorough knowledge of history is necessary for writing psc Examinations

  31. As per the treaty of Tipu Sulthan handed over the control of Malabar to the British
    Ans: Sreerangapattanam Treaty
  32. Sreerangapattanam Treaty was signed in the year
    Ans: 1792
  33. Which country is known as Pegu in the historical records of Kerala
  34. The first English man to reach Kerala
    Ans:Master Ralph Fitch
  35. The first revolt against the British in Kerala
    Ans:Attingal Rebellion
  36. In which year was the Attingal rebellion
  37. With which princely state In India did the British made their first treaty in 1723
  38. Slave trades was banned in Malabar in the year
  39. In which year was Malabar separated from the Bombay province and added to Madras Province
  40. Kochi came under the administrative control of the Madras Province in which year
  41. Who was the first British resident to Travancore
    Ans: Colonel Mecale
  42. Which was the first book to be published completely in Malayalam script
    Ans:Samkshepa Vedartham
  43. The Samkshepa Vedartham was published in 1772 from
  44. Who compiled the first Malayalam dictionary
    Ans:Dr.Herman Gundart
  45. In which year the British made subsidiary Alliance with Travancore
  46. In which year Travancore accepted the British supremacy
  47. Where is St.Anjelo Fort
  48. In which year was Veluthampi appointed as Dalava of Travancore
  49. Name the King of Travancore who appointed Veluthampi as Dalava
    Ans:Balarama Varma
  50. Which Dalava of Travancore started farming at Pathiramanal islands in Vembanattu lake


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