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50Point Kerala History Questions-asking for Kerala PSC Examinations(LDC&LGS)

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Kerala History Questions Set-10(09/02/2016-)

Kerala History Questions are played very important in determining the rank of both LDC and LGS examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commissions.So all the probable questions appearing for both LDC and LGS Examinations are available in the site www.pscclassroom.com. Kerala History questions are giving as different set .Each set having a particular sections in Kerala History.So dont avoid a single set in Kerala History

And also included the various Diwan and Maharaja ruled in the ancient Kerala.Kerala History complete only with the description of them herewith.Their modification in the administration of ancient Keralam.

  1. The Devadasi system of South Travancore was repealed by which ruler
    Ans:Rani Sethu Lakshmi Bhai
  2. Which reforms in the Travancore replaced matriarchy to patriarchy
    Ans:Nair Regulation of 1925
  3. Who was the last Maharaja of Travancore
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  4. In which year was the historical temple entry proclamation issued in Travancore
  5. Which Maharaja of Travancore issued the temple entry proclamation
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  6. Who was the famous Diwan of Travancore from 1936 to 1947
    Ans:C.P.Ramaswami Iyer
  7. Who was the Diwan of Travancore at the time of Temple Entry Proclamation
    Ans:C.P.Ramaswami Iyer
  8. Which bank established by C P Ramaswami Iyer eventually became state bank of Travancore
    Ans:Travancore Bank
  9. Which Maharaja is credited with the abolition of capital punishments ,universal adult franchise and midday meal scheme in the Travancore state
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  10. In which year was the Travancore Bhoopanaya bank established
  11. In which year was the Travancore University established
  12. Which was the first hydroelectric in Kerala
  13. The Thiru-Kochi state was formed in the year
    Ans:July 1,1949
  14. Who was the Maharaja of Travancore at the time of the formation of Thiru-Kochi
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  15. Who was the ruler of Kochi at the time of the the formation of Thiru-Kochi
    Ans:Rama Varma
  16. Name the king who was popularly known as the Parishathu Thampuran
    Ans:Rama Varma
  17. Who was the Rajapramukh of Thiru-Kochi state
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  18. Who was the first Diwan of Kochi
    Ans:Colonel Monroe
  19. Which Diwan of Kochi issued the proclamation of banning slavery in Kochi
    Ans:Sankara Warrier
  20. Which Diwan of Kochi introduced the coin puthan
  21. The elementary English school of Ernakulam later developed into
    Ans:Maharajas college
  22. The elementary English school was established in the year
  23. Who was the famous Diwan of Kochi from 1935 to 1941
    Ans:R.K.Shanmukham Chetty
  24. Which former Diwan of Kochi became the first finance minister of Independent India
    Ans:R.K.Shanmukham Chetty
  25. Who called Kochi as the Queen of Arabian Sea
    Ans:R.K.Shanmukham Chetty
  26. Who was the last Diwan of Kochi
    Ans:C.P.Karunakara Menon
  27. Who was the last Diwan of Travancore
    Ans:PGN Unnithan
  28. Which king of Kochi left the throne due to the difference of opinion with the British in 1914
    Ans:Rama Varma
  29. Who was the last king of Kochi
    Ans:Parishathu Thampuran
  30. Who was the first British viceroy to visit Travancore
    Ans:Lord Curzon
  31. Who called Alappuzha the Venice of the East
    Ans:Lord Curzon
  32. Name the person who was Indias delegate to the first session of the League of Nations and later became the Diwan of Kerala
    Ans:Sir Muhammed Habibullah
  33. Who was the Diwan of Kochi at the time of the famous Electricity Agitation in Thrissur
    Ans:R.K.Shanmukham Chetty
  34. The largest cinnamon estate in the world is situated at
  35. The foreigners who established the Ancharakandy cinnamon estate
    Ans:The English
  36. In which year was Ancharakandy cinnamon estate established
  37. The founder of Malabar Basel Mission
    Ans:Herman Gundert
  38. In which period was 12 Mappila riots occurred in Malabars Ernadu and Valluvanadu Taluks
    Ans:1836 to 1856
  39. Where was first all Kerala Political Conference held
  40. Who convened the first All Kerala Political Conference
    Ans:T Prakasam
  41. In which year was the first All Kerala Political Conference
    Ans:April 1921
  42. In which year was Mappila Rebellion
  43. The notorious Wagon Tragedy is associated with
    Ans:Malabar Rebellion
  44. In which year was Wagon Tragedy
    Ans:November 10 1921
  45. In which year was Mathrubhoomi started publication
    Ans:March 1923
  46. Who was the editor of Al Ameen
    Ans:Muhammed Abdu Rahiman
  47. Al Ameen was published from
  48. Which was the main centre of the salt satyagraha in Malabar
  49. Which place was called as Second Bardoli
  50. Who was the first person from Malabar to become a minister in the Madras State
    Ans:Kongottil Raman Menon


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