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50 Valuable Points in Kerala History-Asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations

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Kerala History Questions Set-2(25/01/2016)

The following points are very important in Kerala Public Service Examination point of view .It is frequently asked both offline and online PSC Examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Examinations.In all the PSC Examinations a good percentage of questions are asking from Kerala Sections.So please not leave a single point from this sections those are preparing for Kerala Public Service Examinations

  1. Who is the author of Manimekalai
  2. Saathanar was a ——poet
  3. The story of Manimekalai is a sequel to which epic
  4. Who was the author of Perumal Thirumozhi
    Ans:Kulasekhara Azhvar
  5. Nayanars were —saints
  6. Azhwars were —saints
  7. Who was the founder of second Chera dynasty
    Ans:Kulasekhara Azhvar
  8. Name the author of Periyapuranam
  9. Which was the oldest dynasty of south Kerala
    Ans:Ay Kingdom
  10. Which was the capital of the Ay Kingdom
  11. What is the present day name of Aykudi
  12. Which port was the administrative capital of the Ay Kingdom
  13. Which Ay king issued Paliyam copper plate
    Ans:Vikramaditya Varaguna
  14. Who was known as the Asoka of Kerala
    Ans:Vikramaditya Varaguna
  15. Antiran,Titiyan,and Atiyan were the prominent rulers of Kingdom of
    Ans:Ay Kingdom
  16. Which Ay King was the contemporary of of poets Kapilar and Parnar
  17. Which Ay King was considered as the founder of Kandalur Salai
  18. Which was the period of Vikramaditya Varagunas rule
  19. In which year was Paliyam Copper plate issued
    Ans:925 AD
  20. Which is considered as the first historical work of Keralite
    Ans:Thukhfatul Mujahiddin of Shaik Sainuddin
  21. Which work of Kalidasan mentions Kerala often
  22. Which Chera King was the author of Sanskrit dramas such as Thapathisamvaranam and Subhadradhananjayam
  23. Melpathur Narayana Batathiri was the counter poet of which ruler
    Ans:Ambalappuzha Devanarayana
  24. Gosrinagaravarnnana authored by Melpathur is about which place
  25. Who was the counter poet of Marthanda Varma
    Ans:Krishna Sharma
  26. Which Kings court was decorated by Ramapurath Warrier
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  27. Which Arab traveler is said to have visited Calicut six times
    Ans:Ibn Batuta
  28. Who was the of Mirabuliya Descripta
    Ans:Friyar Jordannes
  29. Who was the first foreigner to mention about the matriarchy system in Kerala
    Ans:Friyar Jordannes
  30. Who was the first English traveler to arrive at Kochi
    Ans:Master Ralph Fitch
  31. Which English traveler is widely known as Englands pioneer to India
    Ans:Master Ralph Fitch
  32. In which year was Synod of Diamper
  33. Which event united ancient Christian Church in India with the Roman Catholic Church
    Ans:Synod of Diamper
  34. Who convened the Synod of Diamper
    Ans:Aleixo de Menezes
  35. Which foreigners were behind the synod of Diamper
    Ans:The Portuguese
  36. Which caves in Kerala are famous for the pictorial writings believed to be from the Neolithic period
  37. Which place in India is often called as an ethonological museum
  38. What is Karumadikuttan
    Ans:Sitting Buddha statue dated back to 11th century (Alappuzha)
  39. Where in Kerala you can see a Synagogue
  40. What is the name of the Mattanchery Synagogue
    Ans:Paradesi Synagogue
  41. Wher is the oldest synagogue in the entire common wealth Nationas situated
  42. In which year was Mattanchery Synagogue built
  43. Which place was once known as the pepper capital of the world
  44. Which Venitian traveler visited Kerala at the end of the 13th century
    Ans:Marco polo
  45. Which place of Kerala was visited by Marco polo in 1293
  46. In which districts is Padmanabhapuram palace situated
  47. Who built the Dutch palace at Mattanchery in 1555
    Ans:The Portuguese
  48. The largest mural in Kerala
  49. Name the Travancore ruler who constructed the Padnabhapuram palace around 1601 AD
    Ans:Iravipillai Iravivarma
  50. The earliest capital of Travancore


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