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Kerala History Set 3-Kerala Public Service Examination 50 Questions

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Kerala History Questions Set-3(26/01/2016)

The following details plays an important role in any Kerala Public Service Examinations.In all the PSC offline and online question paper number of questions are appearing from this section.So that should determine the Rank of Kerala Public Service Examinations

  1. The famous Mamankam festival was conducted at
  2. Tirunavaya is situated on the banks of
  3. River which is known as Nila-
  4. The largest river of Kerala
  5. Mamankam was a festival of days
    Ans:28 days
  6. Mamankam was held once in every —years
    Ans:12 years
  7. Earlier times ,who presided over the Mamankam
    Ans:Chera Kings
  8. In the midevial period who was vested with the right to conduct Mamankam
    Ans:Ruler of Valluvanadu
  9. In the later period ,which ruler took the right to conduct Mamankam by force
  10. Who used to send Chavers to fight until death to capture the right of Mamankam from the Zamorin
  11. The last Mamankam was held at Thirunavaya in
  12. Recently Mamankam organized again to give Malabar the thrust as a tourist destination When was it
  13. Which Mangolian emperor sent Marco polo as his ambassador
    Ans:Kublai Khan
  14. The travelogue Rihila was written by
    Ans:Ibn Batuta
  15. Which Persian traveler visited Kerala during 1443-44
    Ans:Abdu Rassak
  16. Name the Persian ruler who sent Abdu Rassak to the court of Zamorin
    Ans:Shah Rukh
  17. Name the Italian traveler who visited Malabar at the beginning of 16th century
    Ans:Ludovico di Varthema
  18. Which was the first fort built by the English in Kerala
    Ans:Anchuthengu Fort
  19. Which is the oldest European fort in India
    Ans:Pallippuram Fort
  20. Who built the Pallippuram fort in 1503
    Ans:The Portuguese
  21. Who built the Palakkad fort in 1766
    Ans:Hyder Ali
  22. Which is the largest fort in Kerala
    Ans:Bakel Fort
  23. Who built the Bakel fort
    Ans:Sivappa Naik of Bednore
  24. Where is the St.Angelo fort
  25. Which Europeans were behind the construction of St:Angelo fort
    Ans:The Portuguese
  26. Thalassery fort was built by
    Ans:The British
  27. To resist the invasion of Tipu Sultan ,which Travancore ruler constructed the Nedumkotta
    Ans:Dharama raja
  28. Eezhakkash,which was popular in ancient Kerala were the coins from
  29. Name the gold coin which is known as the earliest coin of Kerala
  30. Veerarayan puthiya panam was the coin of
    Ans:The Zamorin
  31. Anantharayanpanam and ananthavaraham were the coins of
  32. Which was the most important coin issued by the Kochi kings
  33. Anakas was the coin of
  34. Which was the only princely state in India to have the right to issue its own coins at the time of —–Indian independence
  35. Which is the first edict of the Chera Kings that recovered from Kerala
  36. Which is the first edict of the Chera Kings that recovered from Kerala
    Ans:Vazhapally Edict
  37. Name the Chera King who issued the Vazhapally edict
    Ans:Rajashekhara Varma
  38. Who was the ruler to issue the Jew Edict
    Ans:Bhaskara Ravivarma I
  39. In which year was the Jew edict issued
    Ans:1000 AD
  40. Which ruler of the Venad issued the Tharisappally Copper Plates in 849 AD
    Ans:Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal
  41. Which was the first edict to mention the Kollam Era
    Ans:Mampally edict(974 AD)
  42. Name the Venad ruler who issued the Mampally Edict
    Ans:Sree Vallabhan Kotha
  43. Who is known as Shastrabahyan in the midevial history of Kerala
    Ans:Tipu Sultan
  44. What was described as Yavanapriya
  45. Which port of Kerala was known as the entry point to the ancient India
  46. Which port of Kerala was known in the name Barakke
  47. Which place in Kerala was known Kottanora in ancient times
  48. Which port city of Kerala was once renamed as Rajendra Chola Pattanam
  49. Which Kerala port was called as Naura by the foreigners
  50. Balitaha was the ancient name of


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