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50 Unavoidable Kerala Public Service Examination Questions

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Kerala History Questions from psc question bank

The important questions asking for any Kerala Public Service Examination from psc question bank.It will appear for both online and offline examination conducted by PSC of Kerala.With that much seriousness study this rare questions.You wont leave single questions unstudied.

  1. Who was the most famous ruler of the Ezhimala Kingdom
  2. Paranar was the court poet of
  3. Which Chera king was also known in the names Vaanavaramban and perumchottuthiyan
    Ans:Uthiyan Cheral
  4. Name the Chera King who was also known as Imayavaramban
  5. Which Chera king was nicknamed as Kadalpirakottiya Cheran
    Ans: Velkezhu Kuttuvan
  6. Which was the capital of the first Chera Kingdom
  7. Who was the war god of Dravida religion
  8. In ancient Kerala which was the important centre of the Jains
  9. What was the former name of Sulthan Bathery
  10. Which was the most important centre of Buddhism in ancient Kerala
  11. Which religious sect popularized the Ayurveda in Kerala
  12. Which Buddhist scholar was the author of Astangahridaya
  13. Who propagated the Philosophy of Gurumatham
  14. In Kerala where was the first Synagogue built
  15. Who was the Chera Emperor at the time of the Kollam Eras beginning
    Ans:Rajasekhara Varman
  16. Which was the period of the second Chera Empire
    Ans:800-1102 AD
  17. Who was the founder of second Chera Empire
    Ans:Kulasekhara Varma
  18. The second Chera Empire is also known in the name
    Ans:Kulasekhara Empire
  19. Which Chera King was the author of Mukundamala
    Ans:Kulasekhara Azhvar
  20. Which Chera Emperor is mentioned in the Sivananda Lahari of Adi Sankara
    Ans:Rajasekhara Varma
  21. Which was the capital of the second Chera Empire
  22. Who was the last ruler of the Kulasekhara Empire
    Ans:Ramavarma Kulasekhara
  23. Which period is known as the Golden age in the Kerala History
    Ans:Kulasekhara empire
  24. During the Chera ruler ,which tax was known as the Pathavaaram
    Ans:Land tax
  25. Poliponnu was the name of —tax during the Chera rule
    Ans:Sales tax

    Kerala History Questions from psc question bank

    Good percentage of history questions from psc question bank is given.The following are repeatedly asking for psc examinations 2016.History question has its own importance in all the psc examinations questions

  26. Which officer was known as Theeyamazhvan during the Chera ruler
    Ans:Police sub Inspector
  27. What kind of tax was Aalkash
    Ans:Slave tax
  28. What was known in the names of Manigramam ,Anchuvannam,Valachiyar Nanadeshis
    Ans:Group of traders
  29. Jewel trade were known as
  30. The group that dealt with foreign trade in ancient Kerala
  31. The author of Sanskrit drama Ashcharya Choodamani
  32. The kachham that dealt with laws of temples
    Ans:Moozhikulam Kachham
  33. The author of Kramadeepika
  34. The founder of Venad kingdom
    Ans:Ramavarma Kulashekara
  35. Which royal families in Kerala belonged Pandyan Kingdom
    Ans:Panthalam and Punjar
  36. Which place was earlier known as Jayasinha Nadu
  37. Which Venad king was coronated in Madurai in 13123 as the emperor of south India
    Ans:Ravivarma Kulasekhara
  38. The venad king who who had the title Samgramadheeram
    Ans:Ravivarma Kulasekhara
  39. The capital of Venad
  40. The capital of Mushaka Kingdom was
  41. In which name did the Mushaka Kingdom also known
    Ans:Kolathu Nadu
  42. Who was the author of Krishnagatha
  43. Which kings court was decorated by Cherusserry
    Ans:Udayavarman Kolathiri
  44. Kolathiri was the ruler of
    Ans:Kolathu Nadu
  45. Which dynasty was Perumpadappu Swarupam
  46. Veeraraghava Pattayam was granted in the year
  47. Nediyiruppu Swarupam was another name of
  48. Which ruler had the title of Kunnalakonathiri and Erlathiri
  49. The coronation of the which Kerala king was known as Ariyittuvazhacha
  50. Who was the most important minister of the Zamorin


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