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About Computer Virus-Details for KPSC Examinations

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The first Computer Virus

Computer viruses and worms is a program that badly affecting the smooth function of computer .Viruses spread from one computer to another or to the whole network .Sometimes it enters while inserting the memory devices like optical disks or USB pen drive.Viruses were predicted as early as 1949 by the mathematician John von Neumann.The first virus called the Creeper,which affected ARPANET in 1971.These type of questions are frequently appearing for psc exam

Popular computer virus


The following are the important computer virus.These are frequently asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations.Those who want to appear for PSC Examinations should study these details to higher rank.

  1. 1260

  2. A and A

  3. Abraxas

  4. ABC

  5. Agena

  6. Alabama

  7. Ambulance

  8. Anna Kournikova

  9. Bomber

  10. Brain

  11. Christmas trees

  12. I LOVE YOU

  13. Code Red

  14. Nimada

  15. Mellissa

  16. Sasser

  17. The morris Internet worm

  18. Blaster

  19. SQL Slammer

  20. Creeper


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