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50 Kerala History Questions for Kerala Public service Examinations

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Kerala History Questions Set-5(31/01/2016-)

Study all the given set in Kerala History ,surely you can score good mark in any Kerala Public Service Examinations.In all the question paper of kerala Public Service Examinations a lot of questions are from Kerala History parts.

  1. Which Zamorins court was decorated by Pathinettarakavikal
  2. Who was the Arakaviamong Pathinettarakavikal
    Ans:Punam Namboothiri
  3. Who was the naval captain of Zamorins
    Ans:Kunjali Marakkar
  4. The ritualistic trial of a Namboothiri woman and fellow male adulterers who were accussed of illegitimate sexual relations was known as
  5. What was the name of the annual seven days assembly of scholars who held under the patronage of the Zamorin at Koxhikode
    Ans:Revathy Pattathanam
  6. Which temple was staged foer the Ravathy Pattathanam
    Ans:Thali temple
  7. Which Zamorin was the originator of the Krishnanattom
  8. Which Zamorin was the author of Krishnageethi
  9. Who was the creator of Ramanattam
    Ans:Veera Kerala Varma
  10. Ramanattam is widely believed to be the immediate stem of the famous art form of Kerala
  11. In which year Marthanda varma conquered Kayamkulam
  12. Which palce was known as Martha in the European records
  13. Which place was called as Bettimeni by the Dutch
  14. Odanadu was the former name of —
  15. Which place was called Porka by the Europeans
  16. Which feudal state was famously known as Chempakasserry
  17. The famous Devanarayana were the rulers of
  18. Which rulers court was decorated by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri and Kunchan Nambiar
    Ans:Devanarayana of Chempakassery
  19. What was the name of the feudal state before it divided into Thekkumkur and Vadakkumkur
  20. Which place was called by Portuguese as Pepper Country
  21. Which company was formed as result of the agreement between the punjar king and English East owner John Monroe
    Ans:Kannan Devan
  22. Which place was called as Mautan by Europeans
  23. Which feudal state is known as Rapolin in the European documents
  24. Which feudal state was Elangallur Swarupam
  25. Pindinivattathu Swarupam was another of the which feudal state
  26. Which feudal state was Papaneethi in the European records
  27. Which place of Kerala was known as Vallabhashobhiniin the Sanskrit documents
  28. Which ruler had the titles such as Vellathiri,Arangittu Udayavar and Valluvakonathiri
    Ans:King of Valluvanadu
  29. Which feudal state was known as Arangottu Swarupam
  30. The rulers of which feudal state was known as Shekharivarmans
  31. Who is known as the father of Malayalam language
    Ans:Thunjathu Ezhuthachan
  32. In which feudal state was Thunjathu Ezhuthachan born
  33. Vettathu Sampradayam is style in
  34. Which place is known as Pappu kovilin European records
  35. Todays Vadakara and surroundings were the parts of erstwhile feudal states
  36. Which rulers had the title Puraleeshwaran
    Ans:Kings of Kottayam
  37. Which was the northern most feudal state in Kerala
  38. Which Chera King issued Thirunelli edict
    Ans:Bhaskara Ravivarma
  39. Who was the author of Valmiki Ramayanam Kilipattu
    Ans:Kerala Varma Thampuran
  40. Who is popularly known as Kerala Simham
    Ans:Kerala varma Pazhassi raja
  41. Pazhassi Raja was the ruler of
    Ans:Kingdom Kottayam
  42. Which dynastys family diety was sri Porkkali Bhagavathy
    Ans:Kings of Kottayam
  43. Which was the only Muslim dynasty in Kerala
    Ans:Arakkal kingdom
  44. Which place was included in the Arakkal Kingdom
  45. What was the title of the ruling king of Arakkal
    Ans:Ali Raja
  46. What was the title of ruling queen in Arakkal
    Ans:Arakkal Beevi
  47. Which rulers of kerala controlled the Laccadives
    Ans:Arakkal Kingdom
  48. Who was the first Arakkal Beevi
    Ans:Ali Raja Beevi Harrabichi Kadavube
  49. Which ruler had sent Chavers to the amankams
  50. Who called Pazhassi Raja as Kerala Simham
    Ans:Sardar K.M.Panicker


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