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36 Chemical Process-Asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations

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36 Chemical Process-Asking for LDC and LGS Examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Examinations

Chemical process questions can be had in every psc examinations.A good collection of chemical process questions is there in psc question bank.It is an inevitable part of psc questions in science sections

1. Bosch Process- Hydrogen

2. Caster process- Sodium
3. Downs process- Sodium
4. Nelson cell- NaOH
5. Caster Kellner cell- NaOH
6. Lowing process -NaOH
7. Solvay process- Na2CO3 & NaHCO3
8. Leblanc process- Na2CO3
9 Precht process- K2CO3
10 Mac Arthur Forrest process (Cyanide) Ag
11.Parkes process Ag
12 Cupellation process Ag (purification)
13 Pattisons process Ag
14 Baeyers process Al
15 Serpecks process Al
16 Hoopes process Al (purification)
17 Hall- Heroult process Al
18 Goldschmidt process Thermite welding
19 Carter process Basic lead carbonate

20 Habers process NH3
21 Birkeland Eyde process NO, HNO3
22 Oswald process NO, HNO3
23 Deacons process Cl2
24 Lead Chamber process H2SO4
25 Contact process H2SO4
26 Kaldo and L.D process Steel
27 Corey-House- Alkane
28 Oxo process -Alcohol
29 Dows Sea water process- Mg
30 Pidgeon process- Mg
31 Cyanamide process- NH3
32 Bessimer-Thomas process Steel
33 Simenss process -Steel
34 Frasch process -Sulphur

35 IMI process- Ti
36 Mond process -Ni


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